Torque screwdriver with T-handle set TorqueVario®-S T


Torque  Tools



mixed, 11 pcs., variably adjustable torque limit, 5–14 Nm in box

With comfortable T-handle for high torques.




Window scale displays torque value numerically.Torque infinitely adjustable with Torque-Setter setting tool (also supplied).Soft-grip T-handle for extreme comfort and optimal torque transmission.


DIN EN ISO 6789.Accuracy±6%, traceable to national standards.


For controlled fastening with the pre-set torque. Ideal for applying high torques.


Supply in robust box including works inspection protocol.

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Great force is required to fasten screws at a specific torque value over 5 Nm with a normal torque screwdriver. Using a torque screwdriver with the TorqueVario®-S Tplus T-handle makes things much easier. Thanks to its integrated numeric scale and the supplied adjusting tool, variable torque settings can be made, thus covering a wide application field. *A clearly audible and tactile signal is emitted when triggering the set torque value, guaranteeing process-safe work, protecting material and eliminating follow-up work. The integrated friction clutch prevents the user from exceeding the required torque value. With a release accuracy of +/- 6%, the torque tool complies with EN ISO 6789 requirements. The comfortable T-handle with soft zones ensures optimum torque transmission. In addition to the torque T-handle, the set also includes 1/4″ and 3/8″ internal square adapter blades, a bit holder and six single bits. The TorqueVario®-S Tplus is also compatible with Wiha interchangeable blades for torque screwdrivers with a T-handle (series 2899). All tools in the set are safely stored neatly away in a robust, clearly organised box.